The economy of Germany is prosperous, with the lowest unemployment rates throughout Europe.  We all know, Germany is recognized for its excellent educational system as well. It makes it an ideal destination for job-seekers and students wanting to boom their careers, not only from European countries but from all over the world. Ausbildung in Germany is a highly competitive professional training program, that offers bright prospects for learners.

Ausbildung or Duale Ausbildung in Germany is a vocational training program or apprenticeship. It is an emerging educational system that is a combination of theoretical learning and practical training, according to the profession of the applicant. Ausbildung opens the chances for permanent employment in the field an Auszubildende or Azubi (under-training employee) is getting trained.

Let’s understand what is the vocational training program. About 30-40% of the program is covered by theoretical learning in a professional school or hospital training college (Berufschule). Along with theoretical learning, you have to practically apply the knowledge and skills in the company that has hired you for the Ausbildung in Germany. It is the practical implementation of the theory you have learned in professional school. Get practical! the work in the HOSPITAL is an actual way to learn, from your boss and with colleagues. It is going to open the doors of opportunities for your bright future.

  • Monthly salary/stipend (Vergutung): in Duale Ausbildung which includes school learning and professional training, you are going to get a monthly salary with some other incentives.  What a fine reimbursement offered by a program that is free of cost..!!
  • German-qualified skilled worker:  After the completion of training, the foreign trainee or applicant is titled as a German-qualified skilled worker. German skilled workers are eminently in-demand and can get excellent career opportunities in Germany and in other countries, worldwide.
  • Permanent Residence in Germany: As a qualified skilled worker, if you meet some other required criteria, you can eligibly apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.
  • German company employment: As an Azubi (under-training employee) you are employed by a German company throughout the training period that is conducting your theoretical and practical schooling. It provides you with all the rights and obligations entertained by a German national.
  • Chances to get permanent employment: Good performance during Ausbildung in Germany can serve as a window of opportunities for you. Your training company or any other more reputed company can definitely hire a German-qualified skilled worker with a good profile
  • Learn the German language:  It is a mandatory requirement for getting into Ausbildung in Germany. ZIGMA has German Academy to train you on German Language – A1, A2, B1, B2.
  • ZIGMA will help you to locate the employer company hiring for Ausbildung in Germany.
  • Get your all document prepared through ZIGMA. We help you accomplish the required recognition of your documents from India
  • Attend Mock Interviews with our German counterparts
  • After receiving an appropriate offer, we will get you the training contract and/or confirmation letter
  • Will help you with visa process.